"Since 1990 Dr. Jagdish Parikh has been one of the highest rated experts in our network of highly acclaimed international lecturers. From our partners such as LEGO and Danfoss we have experienced striking feedback. Especially, Dr. Parikh has mastered making managers think holistically. We know that Dr. Parikh has changed the lives of many managers - for the better."

Jorgen Thorsell, Senior General Manager, DIEU, Management Development, Denmark

"Dr. Parikh's special strength is to combine clearly and convincingly modern western management-concepts and scientific ways of thinking with eastern philosophy. Aim of his Seminars is to improve the physical, emotional and mental well-being as a basic requirement for top performance and success in one's profession and satisfaction in one's private life.

J. Parikh shows how to bring together the often conflicting expectations managers have to face in business and in life and how to meet increasing demands. Since many years his Seminars are an important contribution to the educational program for our top managers."

Dr. Rolf Gerling, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Gerling Group, Germany

"Our company operates in a tough market environment where fast change, stress, and hard work predominate. Jagdish Parikh's programs are helping individual managers to better handle day-to-day pressures and to nurture a healthy degree of work / life harmony. Jagdish's contribution is consistently one of the most highly-rated sections of our European Management Development Program."

Ray Woodcock, Human Resource Development Manager, Hewlett-Packard Europe

"In the increasingly complex world of today's leading business executives, the issue of maintaining a balanced perspective is more critical than ever. The competitive environment keeps adding new challenges. The result is often a de-emphasizing by default, of individual reflection, reassessment of personal values, emphasis on family, friends, and culture, etc.

Jagdish Parikh offers an explicit way to maintain a balance in one's personal "chemistry", re-emphasizing effectively individual values and management of oneself. I believe that this dimension will become increasingly important and I applaud Jagdish Parikh in his approach."

Peter Lorange, President, IMD, Switzerland

"The business world for executives has changed significantly over the last few years. The environment is more complex, business pressures more acute, relationships more inter-dependent and expectations from stakeholders higher. Strong business and personal leadership skills are all the more critical for success.

Jagdish Parikh brings a refreshing new approach to the understanding and practice of executive leadership by effectively combining Eastern and Western schools of thought. He reminds us that we are first and foremost individuals with responsibilities to both ourselves and to individuals around us. I commend him on his philosophy and for the insights that he brings to executives on our courses here at INSEAD, where he has been teaching successfully for several years."

Dr. Gabriel Hawawini, Dean, INSEAD, France

Dr.Jagdish Parikh has been a fixed point in our programme since we began it eight years ago. His very special blend of razor sharp professionalism, together with a very direct personal - almost intimate - personal contact, has always had a remarkable impact on the senior managers who attend our programme, stimulating highly productive reflection - which is the chief object of Lancaster's contribution to the IMPM programme.

Oliver Westall, Director, IMPM Lancaster University Management School

The fruitful contribution of Jagdish Parikh in our Senior Executive Programmes gave the participants deeper insights in managing themselves and helped them to focus their leadership activities. His work is very much appreciated in our company because of his outstanding balance between theoretical input and practical reflection. Additionally he walks his talks..."

Thomas Sattelberger, Corporate Senior Vice-President, Executive Personnel & Human Resource Development, Lufthansa German Airlines

"During the past several years, HBE Group has repeatedly included Dr. Jagdish Parikh's lectures into our Management Development Programs, where these always achieved a very high scoring among the participants. Dr. Parikh targets issues which are of utmost relevance for managers in today's hectic business environment. By blending together aspects of the Eastern wisdom with Western pragmatism, he reveals for the listeners the power of their inner sources."

Einar Hanserud, Director of HR, Maxit Group (Optiroc), Sweden

"We have been supported by Dr.Jagdish Parikh for many years and hundreds of our Managers have benefitted from his practical support to managing the stresses of today's intense business environment. To achieve business success demands strong self-management and Dr.Parikh has helped many of us work towards achieving this."

Norman Walker, Head of Human Resources, Novartis International AG, Switzerland

For a number of years we have had the privilege and great pleasure to work with Dr. Parikh in our Executive Education programmes. Dr Parikh has helped executives deal with a major leadership challenge - managing one's self. He has done this with a remarkable mixture of seriousness and good humour leaving participants reflecting on their own potential for development. The feedback from participants and client organisations has always been very, very positive.

Lars Fredriksson, Programme Director, Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education