MANAGING YOUR SELF : the essence of excellence

Doing More - Feeling Better - Looking Well

This CD Rom is a brief introductory version of the internationally popular seminar "Managing Your Self" led by Dr.Jagdish Parikh. Managers are now being increasingly exposed to several concepts such as `creativity', `innovation', `vision', `leadership', etc. However, there continues to be a significant gap between what managers want to do -or should do- and what they are actually doing or are able to do.

The objective of "Managing Your Self" is to enable one to contribute effectively and progressively to one's organization without, in any way, adversely affecting or corroding oneself as an individual. In fact, to enable one to lead more effectively a richer, more dynamic and increasingly more satisfying personal life in congruence with one's professional and public life. In other words, managing one's `relationships' with people, things, ideas, and events with positive energy and results - this is what is becoming the more critical and key quality for success especially at upper levels of management.

A better management of the Self also increases one's ability to cope with stress (at the symptomic well as cause levels) to resolve conflict ( through creative synthesis rather than through the usual approach of compromise), to manage change and manage to change (within), to achieve sustainable peak performance, to build effective teams, and to contribute to organisational learning.

"Managing Your Self" helps by providing the missing link between one's 'know-how', 'do-how', and 'feel how'.

It enables: Making a life while making a living.

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