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The Centre for Executive Renewal has been established to offer seminars and presentations "with a difference to make a difference".

There are a number of excellent mainstream seminars offered by several reputed management institutes. Most of these are however "organization - centred", focussed on developing competencies required for managing the organization efficiently. It is however, now been increasingly realized that despite the awareness, education, and commitment for such competencies, managers are not able to fully internalise such competencies, or actualize their knowledge, and make a significant or sustainable change in their performance levels. This obviously results in a lot of frustration not only in the managers but also within their organizations and the educational institutions.

What is required is cultivation of the enabling core qualities and strengths within the individual to bridge the missing link between the managerial "know-how" and "do-how". This implies enabling the managers to become more aware of their personal and unique potential, develop their ability to access it as well as actualize it. This has to be done in the context of the changing complexion and composition of the external environment as well as the growing felt need in the managers to balance their career advancement with family harmony and achieve sustainable personal growth and excellence.

This is what the Centre for Executive Renewal is all about. It has the requisite expertise to offer such "person - centered" seminars, as well as provide computer based individual psycho - physiological profiling and counselling. These are an effective supplement to the mainstream management education and training. The underlying theme is of "Leading Your Self" - the internationally acclaimed approach of Dr. Jagdish Parikh.

The objective is to enable good managers to become better...and even better...enabling them to make a life while making a living...with renewed awareness,insights and energy.

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