Dr. Jagdish Parikh

Dr. Jagdish Parikh

G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

Lee & Muirhead Pvt. Ltd
Technova Group of Companies
Noema (India) Pvt. Ltd
Tropicfilm Pvt. Ltd
Allied Pickfords

MBA, Harvard University, USA
ITP, Harvard University, USA
PhD in Management

Co-founder of the World Business Academy (USA)
Founder President of the Centre for Executive Renewal (Switzerland)
Managing Trustee of The Education Foundation of India
Member of the Board of Governors Asian Institute of Management (Manila 1973 - 2009)

Dr. Parikh is/has been a Keynote Speaker in several International Conferences. His unique presentations on “Leading Your Self: Leading with Detached Involvement”, have been well received, globally, as they synthesize the rational and scientific temper and the knowledge of the West, with the perennial intuitive wisdom of the East, enabling an authentic global mindset, at a very practical level, which, he emphasizes, is essential for the post-modern Corporate leaders.

He is/has been:
Visiting Speaker at International Business Schools: CEDEP (France), CEIBS (China), ESMT (Germany), ESADE (Spain), Harvard Business School (USA), Hernstein (Austria), IFL (Sweden), IMD (Switzerland), INSEAD (France & Singapore), ISB (India), ISM (Lithuania), LIFIM (Finland), London Business School (UK), Manaaz (Denmark); MCE (Belgium), Nyenrode (Netherlands), Wharton (USA).

He is/has been:
Visiting Speaker at Multinational Corporations: Accenture, Ambrosetti, Aventis, AXA, Bayer, ExxonMobil, Gerling, Heidelberger, IBM, ING Bank, KPMG, L'Oreal, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Nokia, Novartis, Phillips, Schneider Electric, SEB, Swiss Life, Swiss Reinsurance, UBS, Weinerberger.

“Managing Your Self: Management by Detached Involvement”
“Managing Relationships: Making a life while making a living”
“Intuition: The New Frontier of Management”
Co-author with Warren Bennis and Ronnie Lessem of “Beyond Leadership: Balancing Economics, Ethics and Ecology”.
He has produced a multi-media interactive CD on “Managing Your Self” and a Video on his Seminar on “Leading Your Self”.

He has worked in an advisory capacity for several organizations and in an honorary capacity for initiatives of the Government of India:
Chairman of Film Finance Corporation (now National Film Development Corporation) which co-produced the multiple Oscar winning film GANDHI.
Vice Chairman of the Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism

Address: 12,K. Dubash Marg, Mumbai 400 023,India.
Phone: +91 22 6112 6165 / 6112 6112; Fax: +91 22 6112 6113
Email: jparikh@cersite.com Web: www.cersite.com

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